Novel Technologies to Boost Accelor Solutions and Products

We provide state-of-the-art hardware technologies for a high-performance and secured decentralized computing world. Our security architecture and smart contract hardware features will deeply influence the field of decentralized privacy-preserving computing, shaping the future of Blockchain system.
Accelor Crypto Execution Engine (ACE)

A highly-parallel and optimized architecture for block crypto execution.

Accelor Smart Contract Execution Engine (ASE)

Chaincode Virtual Machine (CVM) specific hardware, which guarantees smart contract execution speed, security, and privacy protection through our proprietary Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) tailored specifically for CVM.

Accelor Security Architecture (ASA)

Solidify our mature and efficient privacy-preserving algorithms, fundamentally guarantees the security and attestation of the Blockchain system. Naturally implemented Homomorphic encryption algorithms to avoid the risk of side-channel attacks using Intel SGX or ARM TrustZone. Decoupled execution and validation architecture to compensate roll-back attacks.

Accelor Blockchain Link (ABL)

Hardware accelerated Blockchain network infrastructure technology, which targets Blockchain pain points, such as consensus and network transmission, via our patented FPGA or ASIC solutions.